For a Wobbler and Toddler, walking through our school entrance for the first time is generally also the first time when she/he is interacting with a community that is outside their family unit and home. Every day is a wonderful adventure as they explore the world in a safe and trusted environment.

At Little Scholars, beneath the veneer of colour and play there is a very serious exchange of concepts and ideas taking place.

Songs and rhymes, simple stories with actions and expressions, puppets and pictures foster language development, basic motor coordination , kinaesthetic progress, interaction and independence in our little ones. Instead of a formal classroom environment, our playhouse is a nurturing social community where your little ones experience their first social contact with other children and learn to participate as a co-operative group. A sense of independence is developed as the child remains away from the parents for a couple of hours, thus breaking free from separation anxiety.

Fireflies , Grasshoppers, Dragonflies, Ladybirds, GlowWorms, Honeybees, Catterpillars, Butterflies

At 'Little Scholars', everything the child does, learns or experiences has a lot of planning based on educational theories.

Children are led to take a tour of their environment through an integrated approach involving play way method. Exploration, Investigation and Discovery is achieved through guided involvement in activities such as sand play, water play, book corner, nature study, music and movements, audio visuals etc., which leads to physical, social, mental and emotional development.

The aim of this approach is to provide them with amenities to do the everyday life activities more constructively and methodically.

The school is equipped with a matted indoor playroom stocked with Story books, Soft Toys,, Puzzles, Blocks, Play Dough and much more.

‘Listening is Knowing, Seeing is Understanding and Doing is Retaining’ thus we have a Puppet Theatre for realistic dramatization and a Projector for larger than life audio visuals.

June to August

On June we celebrate Father’s Day, an event which usually witnesses over 90% of the fathers participating enthusiastically. Games and activities were specially organized to strengthen the father – son / daughter bonding. International Yoga Day is observed with an organized session for Parents, Grand Parents and children of course.

Beginning with our Little Scholars, then with the Parents and Grandparents. Concluding with the Teachers and the staff members.

On --- July, Eid was celebrated with cut fruits for Iftari ( A special way of sharing). The children wore ethnic dresses to compliment the occasion.

23rd July initiated and took a little Big Step of our Little Scholars towards caring for our environment. “The World Nature Conservation Day” saw the kids colouring the pots, planting seeds/saplings of fruits, flowers, herbs and vegetables. A social awareness to take care and nurture them regularly.

On 4th August, Friendship day was celebrated in the environment by tying bands of Love & Care on the wrists of their Best Friends.

Independence Day celebrated with each Environment wearing the colours of the Indian Flag – Saffron , White and Green. Indigo ( blue ) for the Chakra. Flag hoisting and National Anthem were sung by the Teachers, children and the staff members. Everybody sang Saare Jahaan se achcha Hindustan Hamara. Slides on India, National Leaders, Symbols were shown as a Story to provide an insight of our INDIAN HISTORY.

Pioneered by the Italian educationist Dr. Maria Montessori, Preschool philosophy emphasizes the potential of the young child and recognises in him / her a natural desire to learn by associating concrete experience with each abstract concept.

This hands-on, holistic and child centered philosophy offers children a full preparation for their lives ahead, with attention to all facets of their development.

The Preschool classroom is a child's world, geared to his / her size, pace and interests, providing maximum freedom and accessibility in an environment, which encourages selfconfidence, self-discipline, concentration and independence.

The Preschool teaching materials provide each child with a variety of multi-sensory learning experiences and we structure the use of these within our broader curriculum to help each child discover his / her potential.

Little Scholars believes ‘Celebration is an extension of Happiness’ and so we organize an event every month with the parents to create a strong family bonding which will eventually be expressed and evolved harmoniously.

In February, we had a Transition Anxiety Programme for the parents conducted by our counsellor, Salony Priya to prepare them for the Little Big Step and the anticipated anxiety and apprehensions that comes with it.

In March, an Orientation with the new parents to inform and relate them with our process of working.

In April, we had a workshop conducted by the well known pediatrician, Dr. Angana Bhattacharya who made the parents realise the importance of not only Nutritional values but also the issues related to symptoms and solutions for good health and development.

In May, it was an event for Mothers who are special every day but to make it extra special, we celebrated ‘Mothers Day’ with games and music, fun and frolic.