Dear Parents,
Greetings from the Principal’s desk!

Its been an engaging as well as rewarding passage of time since I joined ‘Little Scholars Playschool and Montessori House’ in January 2015.

I commit to uphold the values well defined by the institution and sincerely believe that

"If the Children do not learn the way we Teach,
We should teach the way they Learn".

The Montessori Method of teaching and the Traditional system of education both proclaim to promote concepts and values associated with global learning standards in order to help prepare students for new challenges presented by an increasingly globalized world.

Little Scholars brings about the best of the two worlds and takes pride in its accreditation amongst the leading preschools of Kolkata.

Rearing up a child is not only complicated but challenging as well because the new generation has a tremendous task ahead. At Little Scholars, our team of teachers are competently trained, compassionate and caring. They are the mentors and facilitators who promise to make the child’s journey of acquiring knowledge not only meaningful but memorable as well. Their efforts make sure that the children grow into lifelong learners and responsible citizens of the world.

The early years of a child’s life is very impressionable and thus needs that extra care to blossom. Their physical, mental, emotional and social growths are in the formative process and henceforth should be considered to be of utmost importance.

We observe our Little Scholars and initiate their potentials to pursue and achieve their dreams as each child is special and learns at his / her own pace. At Little Scholars, we take care to look into the needs of each individual child.

Our environment provides a comfortable and caring atmosphere with a positive approach. The children’s sedentary behavior is spontaneously accelerated with interesting interactive sessions. It is aptly designed and regulated with various friendly and child centric activities to provide opportunities to enjoy explore and enrich their minds constantly. This further gives wings to their imagination in a creative and proactive manner.

So, let's take the big little step forward together to bring about a positive change in our outlook and facilitate our future generation to progress with values and virtues all the way.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Hema Madhok