Our mission is to develop and blossom each child’s potential – physically, socially, creatively, emotionally and intellectually. Ensuring that the child is academically motivated, aesthetically creative, physically active and socially developed.


Our vision is to educate the child – nurturing the love of learning that lies latent within. To cultivate an understanding of appreciation and respect for themselves, for the people they associate with and for their environment as well.


Little Scholars' philosophy is based on a simple concept of imparting knowledge and providing opportunities to learn life skills through playway and child centric activities.

Our method is adapted from the works of great educators which is primarily based on Dr. Maria Montessori's principles, a general way of observing and absorbing. Our Little Scholars' are acquainted with sensitizing their motor skills with a practical method of hands on learning which is scientifically acclaimed and thus is evident in our activities.

A stress free and congenial environment is an extension of their home. It provides the children to exhibit a spontaneous discipline, with the teacher as a facilitator and guide to encourage and promote their inner curiosity and expand their horizon, thus enriching their vocabulary and expanding their world at large.